In this article Global Training News will look at how to best manage your time when studying online.

Managing your time with an online course can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time learning outside of a traditional classroom. If you keep these five tips in mind you are likely to have a more productive and less stressful experience with your online studies.

Create a structure and routine

When you learn in a classroom or lecture hall, it’s easy to form a routine as you are required to be in a certain place at specific times. Often when students make the transition to studying courses online, they forget to set aside the specific time needed for the course. Don’t make the mistake of saying you will study at some point this week, without planning the elements of what and when. Take five or ten minutes each week to make a study schedule in an appointment book or spare notepad and dictate which tasks you will accomplish and when.

Take note of important dates

Arguably the most important factors of your schedule are the due dates within your online course. It’s a good idea to go through your syllabus at the beginning of every course and copy all important due dates into your calendar. It’s up to you to regularly check that calendar and prepare for exams and deadlines accordingly, as you will not have a professor physically present to remind you.

Communicate with your professor

The fact that you are not in the same building as your professor, does not mean that you can’t communicate with him or her. Professors are all required to have office hours, whether online or at a physical location with an affiliated campus. If you have trouble understanding any of the material you are learning, reaching out to your professor can be a very helpful solution.

Don’t skip over the material

In a physical class it’s impossible to fast forward through sections of a lecture. When taking an online course it’s easy to cut corners and skip over some of the material, but it’s highly reccomend you don’t. Though you may think you are saving time by shaving twenty minutes off of a recorded lecture, you never know when you will miss an important piece of information. Having to repeat a course because of low markings will ultimately result in more time wasted.

Choose a focused environment

Now that you are studying online, you have the freedom to learn from where ever you want. It’s important to choose an environment that suits you well for absorbing information. Don’t be tempted to study for your online course in front of the tv or with social media tabs open. Though many people claim they can work with distractions, these distractions may be causing you to accomplish work at a slower rate. Pick a quiet place such as the library where you are able to stay focused. A public place such as the library can be a better place to study than one’s house as there will be less temptations as well.



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