Month: June 2017

Online Courses Explained

Online Courses Explained

In the following article Global Training News will explain the process of online courses.

As internet continues to gain increasing significance in our daily lives, online courses now have a newfound standing. Their popularity seems to be rising day by day, mainly due to easy accessibility and enhanced flexibility.

So, what exactly are online courses and how do these differ from conventional modes of studying and education? Essentially, online courses are designed around a similar curriculum as that of any course taught at a college or university, in a classroom, for a particular subject. Also, these lead to the achievement of the same qualification that you may attain while studying on-campus. However, when studying an online course you do not need to be physically present in a classroom- as is the case otherwise. You can study from anywhere at a time that is suitable for you. Continue reading “Online Courses Explained”

Course Pride – Online Courses

Course Pride – Online Courses

Course Pride is an online training course platform offering online courses to a worldwide learning community.


Course Pride offer their elearning courses to individuals and businesses through the world.


Anyone can join a course over at Course Pride and start studying an online course with them.


Course Pride state that they offer over 250 online learning courses.


All the online courses come with CPD Accreditation, which is very handy if you want a certificate to showcase to employers.


The courses over at course pride also come with tutor support meaning you can receive additional help while studying a course.


All the exam assessment fees for the course are included in the course pricing. Additionally the cost of retaking the exam is also included in the course fee, so there are no hidden surprises.

All the courses come with a FREE Digital Certificate, so once you complete one of the Course Pride courses you can gain a recognised certification.

Try an online course through Course Pride today visit the website at


Course Subjects

The Course Pride website features online course in a variety of subject areas including: Continue reading “Course Pride – Online Courses”